Understanding Online Casino Bonus Advantages

Players who gamble in online casinos are often extremely interested in all of the bonuses available to them. Figuring out the total amount of a bonus and what is required to cash out is very important as this can reduce frustration and set the proper expectations from the start.

Deposit Bonuses - Percentages

The most common bonus type found in online casinos are the ones that offer players a percentage of their bonus up to a certain amount. For instance, a casino that promises a 200% bonus of up to $500.00 means just that. If a player deposits $100.00, the casino will match 200% and deposit another $200.00 for a total of $300.00. If a player deposits $300.00, however, the casino will only match up to $500.00. This means that the player's initial $300.00 will be credited to the account as well as an additional $500.00 from the casino for a total of $800.00 in the account. Play fun slots games for free using casino bonuses on a premier French casino site. More info on https://jeuxdecasinofrancais.eu/.

Wagering Requirements

Now that players understand the ideas behind these deposit bonuses, they should also understand that these bonuses cannot be immediately cashed out once they are awarded. Most casinos require players to wager at least 20x the amount of bonus provided by the casino. In the example above, if the casino deposits $500.00 into a player's account, this means that the player must wager a total of $10,000 in order to withdraw the original $500.00.

Sticky vs. Cashable Bonuses

Another thing that players must consider is whether the bonus provided by the casino is sticky or cashable. A sticky bonus will only remain in the account for a set amount of time and it can never be withdrawn by the player. In fact, the winnings earned with this bonus can only be withdrawn after the wagering requirements associated with the bonus have been satisfied. A cashable bonus, on the other hand, is one that can be withdrawn from the account once the terms and conditions have been satisfied.

Casino bonuses are great ways for players to get the most from their online gambling experiences. Understanding the amount of the bonus, the type of bonus and the wagering requirements associated with it will help players feel more secure by setting the correct expectations from the beginning.