Online Gambling and Age Restrictions

Gambling is a very popular pastime that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Many casinos impose age restrictions on patrons in order to curb addiction by allowing only adults to participate in the games.

What are the Age Limits?

The age limits associated with gambling in online casinos vary depending upon the location, but in general gambling is restricted to players 18 to 21 years of age or older. The age limit associated with an online casino is generally posted on the first page of the casino's website and players must be older than this to play. However, this does not stop everyone and casinos these days must be very diligent in stopping underage gambling.

Breaking the Law

While it only happens rarely, many people who are too young to gamble are able to do so simply by lying about their age or having their parents set up an account for them. This is often enough for a casino to accept payments via credit card or other means, but players are often required to prove their age with a photo ID and birth certificate before any withdrawals can be made. This is something that online casinos are working hard to prevent.

Free Games

Players who are not yet of legal gambling age but who enjoy the classic casino games on offer may be able to try out an online casino's free game room without consequence. Since there is no real money changing hands, many casinos allow this without question. However, this raises questions with some caregivers and parents as they feel the free games may lead to gambling addiction down the road. For this reason, some casinos do not let minors access their websites at all.

Age limits are placed on casino games for a reason end everyone should do their best to heed them. These laws protect youngsters who may not have developed a sense of responsibility as well as those who have young children who are interested in gambling.